Aug 8, 2011

Short summer for snowy north

A rule of mine is not to snow on other peoples parades.

That’s why it is with great hesitancy – and despite it still being quite hot and by all indications still summer-like – that I point out to the fine residents of Fargo North Dakota that as of late July their annual average temperatures have peaked. From this point forward, each day marks an incremental and inescapable death march to among the more frigid and long winters in the Lower Forty Eight.

Fall sets in early for Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo’s average daytime highs will drop back into 60s shortly after Labor Day. By Halloween (speaking of scares!) average nighttime lows will be below freezing.

By Florida standards, that's one short summer!


Suwannee Refugee said...

" inescapable death march" Man, you're getting kind of mean in your old age:)

BTW-Can you change my url link on your site to Thanks bud.

jabblog said...

No Indian summer for North Dakota, then?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Actually, they are probably enjoying the summer and considering the cold and long winter, makes it all the sweeter. And no, I definitely don't want to rain (aka snow) on their parade:

I'm just amazed by their temperature chart. That's the 100-year record.

Ciss B said...

Yes, but when you have the temps and humidities like Florida, it's nice to get back to cooler temps.