Aug 9, 2011

Piling on!

This chart shows the depth and duration
(and early onset) of winter in Fargo


Daryl Ritchison said...

I'm on vacation and I try to relax reading the best blog on the 'net and I end up reading bad news about my climate. You're a cruel man! ;-)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Sorry about that Daryl, definitely my bad. But don't you love the cold and snow up there? BTW, amazing how high the Red is. It's at a record high for August. When you're back from vacation, you'll see, I'll have good news for you and more than make up for my meteorologic taboo.

Daryl Ritchison said...

I can't wait for a little bit of good news and I did hear the Red is high, then again, it's never really been low (or below flood stage) our entire warm season. We need some drying and fast.