Aug 31, 2011

Pacific Southwest?

As rainy as our wet season is – we typically average 43 inches of rain from late May through early October –

We can usually count on mornings being mostly sunny.

Usually, mornings are mostly sunny ...
Even when along the coast there may be clouds.

Not this week:

The weather pattern has a distinctive Pacific Northwest feel.

The start of September could get a boost
from the stationary wave in the Gulf

Last word from the weather bureau is that it’s not going anywhere soon.

That could means more all-day clouds and rain into the start of September ...

And some extra cups of coffee just to stay awake!


Mary said...

Hi Robert!

I'm considering moving to a place with a rainy season. Seriously! We moved to Charlotte, NC in 2005 and have suffered a drought every summer. I wonder why I bother adding to the gardens late spring and early summer. It's crispy here!

Take care,

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Hi Mary, and so I've heard. South Florida is wet but north Florida is in drought mode. Summer rains have not been so plentiful there. see map