Aug 12, 2011

Orphaned trail lives on!

The usual progression calls for old trails ...

turning into new (and asphalted) roads.

Abandoned stretch of the Tamiami Trail ...
Not too far from Big Cypress Bend

Then there's the case of this old stretch of the Tamiami Trail.

It went in the opposite direction and got abandoned instead.

But don’t worry:

Civilization hasn’t died just yet ...

It's fun watching the traffic whiz by
from the vantage of the orphaned Trail.

You can still hear traffic whizzing by.

Apparently this curve was too tight and thus for safety reasons at some point, exactly when I can't say, road engineers -- in all probability during repaving work -- decided to straightened it out. That left a little known and less often seen section of orphaned road.

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jabblog said...

Abandoned roads have a charm all their own.