Aug 25, 2011

Bush on fire meets water-logged pine

Can a plant be on fire,
but not consumed by the flames ...

Let alone be drowned out by the water?

Fire and water co-exist in the swamp

Usually fire bush requires dry ground.

The give-away, if you look in the photos lower right, is that the plant is growing on the berm of an elevated road that traverses across one of the swamp’s deepest spots.

As for the original question,
The native slash pine sort of fits the bill:

Its bark is naturally fire proof.

No better example is the slash pine ...
wildfire charred trunk and wetted roots

Then come summer as the swamp crests ...

It has to wait out the invasion of shallow water
and find a way somehow to survive.


jabblog said...

Unexpected juxtapositions are always a joy.

jabblog said...

. . . well, nearly always;-)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

This one even surprised me. I meant to post something on the fire bush and its merits as an ornamental native plant. Instead, somehow I fell back in the pines.