Jul 30, 2011

Swamp's revenge

What is it about the swamp ...

That makes me feel like a hydrologist always trying to catch up?

The swamp contains thousands of  these cypress domes ...
Too many to count and all of them unnamed.

On the one hand, the swamp isn't going anywhere ...

Yet on the other I find myself constantly bogged down. Go figure? In part that's because the water cycle moves so fast. South Florida is the King of the Big Rain Day, whether it be an afternoon shower, a tropical storm or even a front. All it takes is one downpour to completely change the outlook. But when the rain fizzles the sun sizzles and takes away our water in incredible atmospheric efficiency.

Then factor in the swamp's size:

According to my last inventory (I do one every year,) there were too many cypress domes to count (see above photo.)  As for the mosquitoes, I can pinpoint that number with ease just closing my eyes and feeling the welts on every piece of exposed skin. And, oh yeah, I inhaled a couple too.

Example of grainy video

Then finally is my futile attempt to capture it:

My 1.3 Megapixel photos that I take using a Sony Mavica that I have to wait five seconds between shots and my grainy video that I film using a Flip which I might point out has been discontinued by its parent corporation. Both dinosaurs. I feel like a dinosaur, slogging among the cypress, wondering if the world hasn't passed me by.

"And what if it has?"

That's the swamp telling me it's okay.


Janie said...

When mosquitoes are readily inhaled, you know they're bad!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

They've been pretty bad recently. Almost a week later and I'm still scratching from a Tuesday outing.