Jul 28, 2011

More than just rocks!

Many might see this as just another pile of rocks.

But to aficionados of the Turner River it marks the keystone for resurrecting flows back into its natural channel.

H.P. William's Wayside, looking north
June 2011

Technically, it marks the southern terminus of Turner River Canal.

The last mile and a half of the canal were filled back in to wetland grade back in 1996, just across the road from H.P. Williams Wayside, with the hydrologic goals of holding wet season water in the swamp, preventing it from pulsing out to tide and -- last but not least -- rediverting water towards the river.

Here's an aerial view of the entire area.

HP William's Wayside is located at the intersection of Tamiami Trail (US41) and Turner River Road.  You can clearly see Turner River's headwater pools.  About nine miles down the river spills out into the Gulf of Mexico near the small isle hamlet called Chokoloskee which is connected to the mainland (i.e. Everglades City) by a causeway constructed in 1953.  Everyone relied on boats before it was built, and to a degree still do.  Turner River's headwater culverts are located between 1 and 2 miles north of the wayside.

It's easy to see how Turner River Road severed the river's headwater flow.

By the way:
Be careful on the rock pile!

There was a water moccasin under ever rock.

Watch your step!

And be careful on the road, too.

H.P. are initials of a worker who was killed in a road accident back when it was built.

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