Jul 8, 2011

Hydrologic speed of sound

What is it about the sound of water that draws you in,

Then just as suddenly sends your mind floating away?

Lost in the moment ...

I found myself also transported back through time and space, from Belgium to Pennsylvania just like that, first in the late 1800s of the pre-industrial age and then in a blink a hundred years ahead to me-still-in-school, until eventually I snapped out of it and -- poof! -- twenty years forward, back to the present, back on my bike, peddling ahead.

I knew my way home, only I was unsure if I'd make it on time. It was a shame I couldn't take the stream instead:

I'd be there in an instant if I could.

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jabblog said...

Moving water is a lovely sound - very relaxing(unless it's under the floorboards!!)