Jul 23, 2011

The art of fooling tourists

Note to Tourism Board:

Now’s a perfect time to steer visitors into the swamp.

And you think the tourists are mad?
Check out the look on this fish's face!

Not figuratively, I mean literally:

The Big Cypress Swamp.

For one, the water is back. Ample summer showers have refilled the fabled fen-like flatlands with inches to feet of water, depending on where you stand. Of course visitors should be advised to stay on boardwalks or elevated walkways unless they are prepared to ruin a pair of shoes and socks.

These are offshore fish not frequently found on the beach

Two, an off-shore fish kill has swept up on Naples Beach. That makes for a fishy smell, turbid brown waters and lots of dead fish.

Not that the crabs mind.

As for the crabby tourists scrambling for Plan B?

The swamp and its angels await!

Crabs have a nose for fish kill parties

Note to Tourism Board:

Don’t mention that swamp angles is a euphemism for mosquitoes.

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