Jun 19, 2011

Rainy season starts with a sizzle

Botanologically speaking, cypress ring in our winter – with the fall of their needles – and also usher back in our spring when the sprout back out in a verdant green.

Is there also a plant that heralds the start of summer?

Royal Poinciana trees usher in the wet season

The Royal Poinciana fits that bill.

The start of each wet season’s start, near the end of May, is greeted by its fiery display of flowers.

Streets literally light up in their presence.

But it’s a strange light in that it’s not luminous at all, rather a deep luxurious shade – a copious canopy of sinewy yet strong branches and fern-like leaves.

If you listen closely, you can hear their flowers sizzle
in the puddles of the wet season's early rains
Raindrops, wind, and time eventually drop the flame-like flowers to the ground one by one, or in clusters, often in pavement and inevitably in the puddles which, when I see them there …

I half expect to hear them sizzle.


The Florida Blogger said...

I'm thinking there's protective rain shield over Apollo Beach. Its rained once in five weeks.

Janie said...

The flowers do look a bit like living fire. They're beautiful trees.