Jun 1, 2011

May misses rain mark ... again

The rain you see out your window
doesn’t always paint the full picture.

Afternoon showers at Naples Beach, May 2011

Naples was pretty wet over the weekend,

But much of the rest of south Florida stayed dry.

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Make it south Florida’s second consecutive dry May.

Under three inches fell south peninsula wide. Compare that to 2009 when over 8 inches fell which gave it more a June-like feel. The graph above seems to indicate that the Mays of the 1970s were consistently rainier (i.e., averaging 5 inches) compared to the 3 inch standard we’re seeing in recent times. I can’t say if basin for basin that’s one hundred percent true, but it does give me pause for thought.

The wet season we take for granted may not be an unmovable rule.

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Janie said...

My relatives in the Florida panhandle are complaining about drought, so I guess they're experiencing something similar.