Jun 21, 2011

"Hit or miss" season slowly soaking in

I often call June “soaking in” month …

But maybe “hit or miss” is more like it.

Collage of LOOP1 Hydrologic Monitoring Station:
One week removed.
Consider the southeast corner of Big Cypress National Preserve a big “hit.”

This time last week it was stone dry, as shown on the collage above. Then came five inches of rain and virtually overnight waters rebounded a full three feet. That put water back into the marl prairies (and up and over my boots.)

Just like that, the swamp is soaking wet again ...

As for the “miss?”

I stopped by the Tamiami Trail on my way back.

Except for here.

As you can see, the swamp still has a lot of “soaking in” to do ...

Maybe it's a little bit of both.

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Janie said...

It's good to see you're getting a start on your water year.