Jun 5, 2011

Bird's eye view to a ball game

Peanut shells, popcorn kernels and hot dog buns:
All are common sights on the ground in the stands at a baseball game.

But a half-eaten and bloody raw fish?

I'll stick with popcorn and Cracker Jacks

Then again, most of the baseball diamonds I’ve been to don’t have an osprey nest at the top of one of its light poles.

That high altitude bleacher is the best view in the stadium …

An osprey's diet is 100 percent fish
Judging from the strength of their eyes …

My guess is they don’t even need binoculars!


Janie said...

I hope ospreys like baseball! How coold to have a nest right there on the light pole. Of course, you may have a few fish leavings to deal with, but that's a small price to pay.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's been fun to watch.

Eric said...

Where is this ballfield?