May 1, 2011

Usual suspects

The clouds have a lot of work to do
and the swamps a lot of soaking in …

Same cloud from Birdon Road

If they want to get the culverts
up and moving again with sheetflow.

A culvert patiently waits (what else can it do?)
But first thing first:

There's a wildfire that needs putting out!


jabblog said...

We're waiting for rain, too. The ground is rock hard and the ponds are shrinking. We have had very strong winds for the last few days - well, strong for this area, anyway. No doubt when the rain comes we'll complain - very good at complaining, the Brits!

Tabor said...

Except for high winds and few torrential downpours we have had perfect gentle rains and temps this spring. Making me a feel a little guilty as many have had horrible weather. Those cloud photos are breathtaking.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's been a hot April down here in south Florida and with a wildfire on the loose we are crossing our fingers that the wet season (regular afternoon rains) starts soon.