Apr 5, 2011

Third time definitely not a charm

Everglades of the North is on the rise …

And this has nothing to do with last week’s rains on the Kissimmee.

Discharge hydrograph and comparison of major flood years on the Red River
Graph is updated through Tuesday, April 5th

Water stage has risen 7 feet in the last week alone and before it’s all done will probably crest somewhere between fifteen and thirty feet above flood stage.

The question isn’t if, but how high and when.

The hydrograph above shows a comparison of major flood events of previous years. Last year’s peak came early (March 21st) in comparison to 2009 which was a week later (March 28) but also quite a bit higher. If it looks like I’m cherry-picking only flood years of recent past, I’m not. The Red River has been a spring-surging juggernaut since 1993.

This spring marks the third-consecutive year of a major spring flood.

Everglades levees are designed to hold back a few feet of water, not 20-30 feet like the Red.
In this case, the structure is the S-355B along the Tamiami Trail.
How high will the Red rise on the levees?

That’s a game of feet and eventually inches … until it breaches:

Then its water in the flood plain as far as the eye can see.

Here's a link to WDAY News 6 for more information.


Daryl Ritchison said...

If anyone is interested in following the flood you can go to my station's website at:


Click on the FloodFight 2011 on the top of the page.

Thanks for the post.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Thanks for the link Daryl. I added it directly to the post. Judging from the NWS flood forecast chart it looks like you have a busy two weeks ahead. Sandbagging season has hit the Red ... again!

Barb said...

I live in CO where we have had a record snow season - I expect the Upper Blue will flood when the snow begins to melt. Until then, we just keep getting snow!

Janie said...

The water is climbing fast! Definitely looks like there will be water in the flood plains.