May 27, 2011

Tamiami Crevasse

The good news is that the wet season has begun!

Now for the bad news:
It's got a lot of filling up to do.

The swamp's Tamiami Canal has gone dry.
but watch where you step! that muck is like quick sand.
June averages around 10 inches of rain.

That should have it back up in the brim by the Fourth of July.

But first thing first:

It's Memorial Day weekend!


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Hold everything: Word from the Sun Sentinel is that the wet season won't officially start until next weekend. Click here to read.

jabblog said...

Hope the rains do their stuff and the drought abates.
Happy weekend:-) We have a bank holiday on Monday - the last public holiday until the end of August.

Dr. Tom said...


The quicksand like stuff at the bottom of the canal is ooze, not muck. Muck and pet form by anaerobic vegetation partial decay in shallow and usually flowing water. Ooze forms in quiet, deep water where there is often lots of nutrient leading to algal bloom leading to a rain of fine dead material to the bottom.

Art Marshall said that flowing water produces muck and quiet water produces ooze; the difference is being alive to being dead.

Cheers, Dr. Tom