Apr 19, 2011

Swamp's biggest drought in two years!

A hundred year drought sounds dry ...

But how dry can an "every other year" event really be?

Spring 2011 is dropping down into record dry territory
The graph above gives you a perspective on the depth of this year’s drop in comparison to the historical record. The red-colored downward-spiking icicles indicate springs when the swamp more or less ran completely dry. The deeper the drop the drier the swamp – causing many (and at this point - most) of the dry season refugia pools to go dry.

May 2009 marks the historic low-water mark of recent memory.

Here we are just twenty three months later, mid April 2011, and the swamp has inexplicably returned to that low-water ebb. As for the cause: Blame the La NiƱa for one – it kept winter rains largely at bay (not counting the Kissimmee) – but also factoring in big was a dearth of moisture from tropical storms last fall (getting the dry season drop off to an early start) and a hotter than usual spring.

Exposed caprock along the Tamiami Trail:
April 2011 is looking more and more like May 2009 (above)
Not that I’m too worried:

Our summer flood season is just weeks away from starting.
This year though, those rains will have a lot more filling up to do.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I wouldn't wish a flood on you guys, but I hope you get a bit ahead on the rain at least!