Apr 23, 2011

Sort of grouchy

For as small as this hermit crab is ...

I'm not sure I'd want to get pinched either.

Can you see the two hermit crabs?
A couple tidal pools were full of them, then we'd walk for stretches without seeing any at all.  But they were small enough too that most people walking by, even the shellers, didn't give them a second thought.

We also found this dead crab submerged in the sand. (And yes, we doubled checked to make sure that was the case!)

Watch your step!

And also a fighting conch.


Ciss B said...

I loved the hermit crabs while we were in Ft, Meyers. I think they are a hoot to watch scampering all over.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Not all the tidal pools had them, but a couple were crammed. I didn't take any chances with the pinchers, plus a little luck didn't hurt.

Caroline said...

Now there is camo at its finest!

Happy Easter, Rob.