Apr 4, 2011

Complicated "little picture"

The "big picture" in south Florida is that water management is complicated.

The corollary is that the "little picture" doesn't get any easier.

Here's a 360° narrated view of a single structure called the S-355B that is surrounded by quite a complicated story and which (you might notice) was also featured in yesterday's animated cartoon.


Tabor said...

These battles for water just get more and more complicated it seems. Having lived in Colorado, I remember well all the fight over water in that dry state.

jabblog said...

Water management is a complicated business wherever you live, it seems.

Constance said...

I've worked for one of the "little" independent water districts in Broward for 6 years and it's about one thing: Moving Water. We want it when we want it, but we don't want flooding conditions. Here in sunny south Florida, we're surrounded by water, so it's multiple agencies, working together, to make it work without flooding, without being too dry ... VERY TRICKY!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Each structure has its own complicated tale ... politically, legally, hydrologically (notice how I put that one last!), the sum result is often not as integrated as we might hope.