Apr 30, 2011

Never trust a cloud!

On Tuesday I took this photo …

Assuming it to be the bell weather that the wet season had begun.

As seen from Ochopee looking east on April 26th
The problem with the April and early May pop-up thunder showers is that they don’t produces enough rain (or a reliable return of it the next afternoon) to douse out the lightning strikes they create. Thus, the very same cloud that beckoned the end to our seasonal drought seems to have descended the swamp into the heart of its dry season instead in the form of a wildfire, just three days later a few thousand acres wide (and spreading.)

Never trust a cloud!


Janie said...

The cloud certainly looks impressive. But it also looks like it could provide some lightning. Too bad it started a fire.

Ciss B said...

We had a similar looking cloud a week ago and with it came terrible weather. Many trees downed, or smashing houses. It was even worse south of us.

T'is the season here.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

The cold front had the look of a tornado possibly spawning, which was taken in early April. Just this weekend we had severe weather that locally caused hail to fall, although I didn't see any myself where I was.