Apr 27, 2011

Meteorologic false start?

Has the wet season started early?

After all, April seems early for summer-style storms.

A strong sea breeze is fueling afternoon showers

The sea breeze has been revving up full-blast in the afternoon spawning storms in the interior. I call those our “bread and butter” storms because they give us our daily dose of rain through the summer, starting around Memorial Day and running into October.

But we’re still a month away from Memorial Day, so what’s going on?

History says the true start of the wet season is still a few weeks away.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another dry week or two kick in before the true wet season kicks in, but that’s only a guess.

Until then, the cumulonimbus clouds are a look into the future of a long summer ahead.

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Janie said...

It's been an interesting weather year all over. At least you haven't had tornadoes!