Apr 22, 2011

Happy as a clam

What is it that makes clams happy ...

Or whether they can smile at all, I don't know?

Swimming in the gulf started early thanks to a warm spring

All I can is that being at the beach during low tide makes me happy.

There's lots to see in the tidewater pools.

Of course, visiting northerners swim all year long ... almost.

But you've got to look close:

The sea creatures are small. In this case we arrived at the beach at the bottom of a low-low, or in other words: about 3 feet lower than the high tide that preceded it 6 hours prior.


Ciss B said...

I loved low tide when we lived in Norfolk. I'd walk along the shores and watch for all the sea creatures. You have to watch for the crabs there too!

Your shore pictures make me yearn for warmer weather here to walk along our inland sea.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's been a very warm spring, although today was a little dry outside (in the atmosphere,) so I was staying in the water to stay warm. Getting out was a bit brisk, but only for a minute.