May 25, 2010

Wet season "waiting game"

Don’t look now,

But in a week’s time – if nothing changes – swamp stage will be lower this year than last.

Hard to believe, right?

Despite last year’s record dry down,

Waters had rebounded with fervor thanks to a late May mid latitudinal cyclone.

We’re still waiting for this year’s signature
“Welcome to the Wet Season” storm.

With a week still to go, May is making a bid at accumulating the lowest "monthly total" of the dry season.

I hesitate to say “least rainy” because quite a few "spot showers" have been popping up here and there …

Some of which have registered local-level deluges (our rain gage at Monument Road teeter-tottered back and forth 319 times on May 19th – that’s 3.19 inches of rain):

There just hasn’t been a regional-scale soaker yet.

Still, that doesn’t diminish
what a wet winter and spring it’s been ...
the true metric of which we call “hydroperiod.”

The inner "pond apple" swamps have been
shin deep or higher for 12 months (and running).

Wednesday at 2 pm:

Tune back to see a panoramic photo
of one of the swamp's most scenic spots.


Mindy said...

Hard to believe that the pond at FOC was filled to THE BRIM at the beginning of May. Today (May 26) the water level appears to have dropped 2.5 feet from it's full state. Crazy winter.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It came late, but you're right: from the looks of it we're getting our dry season after all ... this time last year water levels were rebounded 2.5 feet in opposite direction.