Mar 10, 2010

"Closed door" winter

It’s not often that people get sick of the cold in Naples, Florida …

But this winter they have.

“We’ve barely been able to keep our (office) doors open all dry season,” one colleague sighed, calling it “a shame.”

Others have been waxing nostalgically about the “summer warmth!”

So how cold has it been?

By my calculation, about twice as cold as last year.

Last year we had twenty days that didn’t break above 70° F compared to over forty this year.

In terms of number of days that didn’t rise above 70° F and nights that fell below 45° F, this year falls a notch short below the winter of 1994-1995.

And at least in Naples, instances of sub-45° F nights appear to have been a more common occurrence in the eighties.

Finding a resident who live in Florida back then is hard enough,

Let alone getting them to remember.

“It’s been about as cold as it can get here in Naples” the longest standing resident of our neighborhood declared. “And definitely a lot colder than last winter for sure,” he added on …

Before ending strongly and definitively:

“But nowhere close to an Ohio winter!”


Suwanee Refugee said...

I was around back in '94/'95, but alas, my memory has failed me. But I'll concur with all of Naples, it has been a dang cold winter. Today was fabulous, though.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I had an extra skip in my step today too ... must have been the weather.

Tabor said...

Got a call from an acquaintance in Miami yesterday and they were so happy with the warmer weather, they were bragging.

Daryl Ritchison said...

Just incredible stats. Brrrr. In Fargo, ND we have not hit 40 degrees since November 30. One of our longer streaks in the books. Maybe next week. :-)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's quite a long stretch to stay below 40. Any dip below 40 is about a cold a night as you'll find in south Florida. Days almost always heat close up at least near the 70s.

Tabor, bragging rights definitely chance come September and October when us Floridians struggling through the the peninsula's extra extended summer season.

TROLL Y2K said...

I lived under a bridge in SW Florida during the 80s and I'm surprised by the graph.

Maybe I was just tougher then.

walk2write said...

You know this winter can't have been good for the housing market in Florida, which is already suffering. People up north might not see the point in moving south where the winter has been pretty awful this year.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I was surprised too about the eighties data. It would be interesting to look at other towns to look for a similar trend.