Nov 27, 2009

Secret of winter sunsets

Are winter sunsets over the gulf more spectacular than the other seasons?

In my opinion – yes,

But that’s only because I’m out there on the beach to see them “first hand”.

I can’t say the same for spring, summer and fall – especially before we’ve dropped back an hour for daylight savings:

We’re never out on the beach late enough in those seasons to see the sun touch down.

(It’s still way up in the sky by the time we leave.)

In a perfect world we’d set our schedule to sunsets.

But you know how it is:

Our lives are run by clocks instead.

The secret is to take advantage of what moments time allows:

Come winter, one of those moments for me is the early arrival of sunsets.

(Nothing against summer sunsets for any late birds out there!)


walk2write said...

Oh, my goodness! Your sunset puts mine to shame. I know what you mean about time. This time of year is picture perfect for me when sunset occurs at a reasonable hour.

MattHasty said...

What clock? LOL We live on the eastern edge of a 4 mile long lake. AT LEAST 3 sunsets per week, (often more) my wife and I along with our neighbors and their neighbors, etc, all take our airboats out and tie them together as we drift around watching the sunset, chatting, story-tellin' etc. 20 minutes later, we're back and dinner in the oven is just about done. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND owning waterfront property and an airboat! - - Contrary to your report, Rob, some people's lives *DO* revolve around sunsets. BRING ON THE NIGHT! :-)

Tabor said...

Truly lovely pictures! I though perhaps you were going to write about moisture changes in the air making sunsets more dramatic at certain times of the year. I do know that the mirroring that water provides makes for better sunsets, and you are correct in that we are awake to see them.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

You Post is always Informative !! I got to learn again something !!Great Robert !!Unseen Rajasthan

Caroline said...

Whoa, Rob! That final photograph is simply gorgeous...we have seen some nice orangey ones since we got to Minnesota on Wednesday, but nothing like your Gulf beauties.

Lindy said...

National Geographic is calling for your pictures!!

Ciss B said...

The photos of those sunsets are lovely! I've seen Florida sunsets in winter, and they are something to behold!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Thanks for all your comments.

I didn't modify the photo colors a bit, but I did zoom in. I'm impressed Matt (and your right): there's no better life than living right on the water -- that gives you great sunsets right at your fingertips every night.

The gulf coast of Florida is superior to the east coast with respect to getting sunsets -- that's obvious, but what's under appreciated is the luminosity of the evening sky in the hour or two before the sun touches down. It really is a special light.

Janie said...

These are all spectacular. Looking forward to one of these shows every night must make your day.