Feb 1, 2009

Superbowl forecast

Everyone has the same response when they see a meteorologist.

And it’s just as much Pavlovian as it is universal:

Time to sit down and listen to the forecast?

And then of course there is the Monday Morning Quarterbacking when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, or sunshine appears when it was clouds that were called for.

As you can probably guess, I’m not talking about the weather:

I’m talking about the Superbowl.

And with respect to either I am hesitant to take a stab into the darkness of the future in the form of a forecast.

I’m the type of hydrologist (and sports fan) that likes to watch the scoreboard be filled before I make the call.

Who am I rooting for?

It’s cliché, and often a hedge against getting your emotions too invested in the outcome: I’m just hoping for a good game.

There’s a bit of a back story here:

While I have lived in Arizona – home of the Cardinals, and have a few old school chums that are rabid Pittsburgh fanatics … I can lay claim to neither realm. 

When it comes to NFL football my roots run deep – all the way back to the land from which I hail: Baltimore, Maryland.

No, I’m not talking about the Baltimore Ravens ...

My team is the Baltimore Colts.

Since they no longer exist – and me still being somewhat of an aficionado of the game, I root for a well played contest on both sides of the ball. 

At times during the game, and it happens every year, my thoughts float up into the ethereal realm of  how things might be different and the world order fully restored had only the Colts never left town.

So in summary, I have no Superbowl forecast.

But I can give you a look at the weather ahead in Naples, and compare it to Pittsburgh’s forecast for the week.

Naples is on slate for a cold week ahead. 

Our cold-blooded alligators are moving slow (and trying to soak up what sun they can), and the flags are unfurled and flapping to the south (from the stiff wind of a cold front), and even the tropical birds featured at Naples zoo have elected to stay inside.

But truly, by Pittsburgh standards, south Florida’s cold week is a warm spring day at worse, if not even a taste of summer.

How will that factor into the outcome of the Superbowl?

We’ll have to all tune inand watch for ourselves.

You know who I’ll be thinking of … the Baltimore Colts!

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cedrorum said...

Since moving to North Carolina and never having lived in a city (even though I did live in LA for a couple of seasons of the L.A. Raiders I have always loathed them and Al Davis so it didn't count) with a pro football team, I have become a huge fan of the panthers, even though it can be painful at times. Therefore, I don't really care who wins, although it would be nice to see Kurt win one more before he retires.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I remember the Baltimore Colts, Bob...WELL---My team (first the Houston Oilers and now the Tennessee Titans) didn't quite make it to the Super Bowl this year. SO---I am definitely for the Arizona Cardinals (since I like Kurt Warner). AND--I've NEVER liked Pittsburgh... SO???? I really like the commercials more than the game since Pittsburgh will probably win... Oh Well!!!!! Ain't it fun????

jozien said...

You're such a good writer! It almost makes me want to see the game. But alas i cheer for the alligator.

George said...

I'm with you -- I don't think there will ever be another Johnny Unitas.

Carletta said...

Loved the post!
I too wish for a good game. I like that this one went to the end before it was settled.
Have a great week!

Celeste said...

Well I think you would agree that it was a good game. I was rooting for the Cardinals, something about wanting the underdog to win I suppose! But then the Cardinals were originally in Chicago so there is another reason too! At least they did better than the Bears this year!! :(

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Thanks for your comments.

Now that the outcome of the game is known -- and it was a close one by any measure, I am happy to report that the team that stayed true to its roots and never left its home turf for greener pastures or a sweeter deal won the game.

As much as I like Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, it's hard for me (personally) to root for a team that hopped town and left it's loyal fans on the hook. That's the "Baltimore Colt" fan in me guiding my moral compass to the high road.

And besides all that, what a great 4th quarter: we are all winners as fans when a Super Bowl ends on such a dramatic note.

Guy D said...

Ahh yes the good ole Baltimore Colts. I always enjoy your myworld posts, thanks again.

Regina In Pictures

Janie said...

Even I thought the game was interesting, and I don't even understand football. Hope the alligators don't get too cold!

Babooshka said...

For me it is football or soccer you would say that I follow. Same hysteria and same fun though.

fishing guy said...

Rob: As a die hard Steelers fan I sit here happily in my Steelers sweatshirt and remember one of the best played super bowls of all time. Two new records yesterday. The 100 yard interception and 6 wins for one team out of 43 times.

SandyCarlson said...

Stay WARM! The weather this week here in CT will be all over the map. It's an adventure. I prefer the window to the stuff online or on TV.

Loved the shots.

D Herrod said...


Carver said...

Good post and photographs. I had to laugh at your joke about asking statues directions. I wouldn't be asking your alligator directions.

Sylvia K said...

Great post and photos! and it was a great game even though I was disappointed with the final results! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog!

The Birdlady said...


Indrani said...

Nothing like watching a good game.
Nice shot of the crocodile.

Reader Wil said...

Though I don't know anything about American football, I understand that it's very important and I wish you a wonderful game.
I like the photo with the alligator!

Grace and Bradley said...

Hi Robert, thanks for visiting our blog. Glad to know someone also has root on Cape Cod.

Jedediah said...

Good post and nice photos. I hope that you get so see an excellent game :)

beerbear said...

Great blogg!!!!

had a big smile on this football forecast!!

Blog Moore!!!