Dec 8, 2008

Twin cities

Ever wonder how winter in Naples compares to up north in Minnesota?

Look no further than the graph below.

I had a friend visit last week from the frozen snow bound twin cities of Minneapolis St Paul.
His wife and family were in town to attend a wedding.

And it was a big one, around 200 people.

When I asked him whose side of the family had the “Naples connection,” to my surprise he answered: “none.”

“It’s what they call a destination wedding,” he added.

I was shocked. I’d never head of such a concept.

He thought it was sort of peculiar too … but he wasn’t complaining either.
He was happy to be wearing what goes up north as summer attire: shorts, sandals, and a short-sleeve shirt.

After giving him a nickel tour of our old style Florida home, he got a glance of the pool out back and asked if we used it much.

“Not in winter.” I said – “But yes, in the summer all the time.”

He didn’t say anything, but in retrospect I could tell what he was thinking: Trust me, this is not winter.
We tried to work out a final get together – at the beach or for lunch downtown – before they flew back, but we couldn’t work out the details.

He called me on his cell from Jungle Larry’s boat cruise at the Naples Zoo on the afternoon of their final day.

“Really good to see you,” he said. And definitely don’t sweat it about not meeting up again. My wife and I love it here.”
(As good as the zoo is, I think the here he was talking about was Naples, and more specifically: its weather … or in their case: the lack of ice, snow, and cold ... see above graph.)

We’ll be back again next year,” he assured me.
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Bob, Interesting post!!!! Maybe that's why I'm in TENNESSEE... It's never too cold (although this past week has been colder than normal) and never too hot. When I lived in FL---I missed the season changes SO much (since I was born and raised in VA). George was born and raised in Indiana and he doesn't like the snow, ice and cold winters up there. SO---guess we are in the perfect place, huh????

Lilly said...

I've lived all over Australia (well the eastern states anyway) and am constantly amazed at how much the weather differences come up in conversation.

I spent most of my life in Melbourne where the saying is "four seasons in one day" and have learnt to put up with almost everything.

Anonymous said...

Nicely told - good to see a fellow Floridian blogger doing a great job! :)
Cheers, Klaus

Guy D said...

Great myworld post once again, thanks for sharing.

Regina In Pictures

Anonymous said...

Very nice entry for this week's meme.

See you next week.

Louise said...

I know I wouldn't mind some Florida "winter" right now!

Lawstude said...

this is a great post and the weather in those twin cities are really contrasting. thanks for sharing.

by the way, it is always sunny here in my islands.

Sara G said...

Very interesting post and wonderful photo's!
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Iowa is a favroite place of mine too!
Take care

Leora said...

No snow down there, huh? Not much here either, but it's still winter.

I love the way you crop your pics vertically. Adds an artistic quality to their beauty.

Denise said...

I enjoyed your My World post. Nice to visit with old friends and I can understand them enjoying Florida's 'winter' climate considering where they live. Enjoyed your photos very much and your post. Thank you so much for stopping by mine. I have enjoyed my visit here.

Gardenia said...

That was fun reading! My 'winter' means it's time to sit in the sun - the summer sun kills!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Very interesting post thanks for sharing your world

Greyscale Territory said...

I too know all about the 4 seasons in one day of Melbourne. I live here! But I don't mind! It can be interesting!

Loved the strange story in your posting!

Jedediah said...

Nice post and I probably would have thought the same thing about the pool.
By the way, I instantly knew what kind of razor you were talking about and Trude does look a lot like those :)

fishing guy said...

Bob: Your world of Naples is truly beautiful and I'm happy to see your area. The heat in the summer would be a little much for me. Thanks for showing us your world.

auringonkukka finland =) said...

have a nice week! :)

Reader Wil said...

If Naples is what I think it is, then I wouldn't mind living there too for a while . I love the four seasons too much however to stay permanenrly in a tropical or sub tropical climate! Good post anyway!

antigoni said...

I have visited Naples and it's a very beautiful city. Thanks for sharing your world.

swampbuggy said...

Remember on thing, we the residents sometimes get as tired of the heat as you do of the cold.
Just last week, I booked my flight to the Berkshires to do some snowmobiling with my cousin.
The old cliche is that the grass is always greener on the other side. Could the same be said that the snow is whiter on the other side?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Thanks for your comments. And it's true, to live sanely in the summer humidity of Florida requires allowing one's blood to thin (it takes a good season or two) and learning "tricks of the trade" to avoid the scorching heat and smothering humidity. With regard to comparing winter snow to summer humidity, at least we don't have to shovel the humidity, as the saying goes. (Although at times it is shovel-able!)

Ruth said...

Destination weddings are becoming very popular here with Florida and Mexico as most popular locations. Interesting post!