Jul 18, 2019

Jul 17, 2019

How to: Measure twice

Trail and error is a proven method ...

Of eventually getting things right.

The S-355A is (always) closed

Then again, I've always admired the oft-said phrase of the seasoned carpenter:

"Measure twice, cut once."

Sometimes that easier for cutting a board than corralling water.

Jul 16, 2019

Over and under

Over the bridge

Under the bridge

Under the bridge

I could have easily driven over the bridge ...

And been on my merry way.

As seen under the bridge

But there was a side of me that had to see it for myself.

And sure enough there it was:

Water flowing under the new bridge into downstream Everglades Park.

Jul 15, 2019

Bridge bound

Close up of outflow from
back pumps, looking west 

View of S-334 structure (closed)
and back pumps (on)

View of back S-334 structure
and back pumps looking west

Jul 13, 2019

Back pumps in action

People visiting Everglades Park ...

Usually prefer the windy drive to Flamingo.

As seen in July 2019

As for me,

I prefer the straight as an arrow drive along US41.

Especially now that the Park's water delivery system has been re-engineered!

Jul 10, 2019

Better than expected

Considering it took such a long time to get going ...

The wet season got off to a good start after all.

Weekly, monthly, and annual rainfall
summary for the Big Cypress

The swamp received 10.5 inches of rain for the month of June.

Jun 28, 2019

Sunny Florida?

What looks like a perfectly sunny day ...

Can quickly change to rain in south Florida.

Another sunny day in town,
Looking West

A moment later
Looking East

Although its hard to tell when and if they may strike.

What had be constant rumbling ...

Seems to be drifting North.

Jun 27, 2019

Gatekeepers of the glades

Structures have a reputation for controlling the show,

But they only supply 20-30 percent of the water to any one spot.

egulatory rules control
how much and when water flows
through the gates

The rest is rain.