Aug 26, 2019

Pond apple on road



Levee loophole

It doesn't take much to block sheet flow in swamp.

Just a 2-foot high road will stop it in its tracks.

Past it's hay day:
Not culvert lasts forever

Unless there's some culverts ...

And then it gets across fine.

Aug 24, 2019

Riddle: Why did the "water" cross the road?

This culvert may not look like much.

But it does help the water ...

Swamp water isn't picky:
It'll use whatever culvert you give it

Get over (actually under) the other side of the road.

Water, when we let it, likes to flow downhill.

Aug 22, 2019

Best time of the year!

Not that I don't enjoy all the seasons,

But who could argue that the swamp doesn't look (and feel) its best ...

Water typically peaks
August through October
When come late summer, the water rises to its annual crest?

Aug 21, 2019

Pines go under!

There's the "wet season" ...

And then there's "peak water" wet season.

A graph showing this year so far,
compared to last year and long-term norms
I'm not saying the water may not inch up higher yet,

Or just as quickly drop down a notch.

What I can say is water is up in the mesic pines.

That means pretty much the entire preserve is submerged ...

Very shallowly of course. 

Aug 20, 2019

It happened!

Just when you least expect it ...

It happened:

Last time swamp stage was this high
was December of 2017 (i.e. post Irma)
The water table has risen into the mesic pines!

Aug 17, 2019

Periphyton bubble

Maybe it was upwelling oxygen,

Or possibly it was just the buoyancy of the mat:

Nothing quite like a walk
through a flooded marl prairie

Whatever the reason,

This flooded marl prairie was pock marked ...

With benthic periphyton floating to the top.