Jul 27, 2015

Three days of rain

That's how it was in town anyhow.
Swamp got some, too

Jul 25, 2015

Waterless dome in July?

This dome just doesn't want to  fill up,
For now it has no splash

Jul 23, 2015

Foot below normal (.. gasp!)

The swamp jumped out of deep drought in early June.

Now at that same level for the past two months it's been stuck.

The graph above shows water depth in Big Cypress National Preserve (the blue line) from late 2013 to present.  Water depths are graphed relative to major vegetative communities (dark blue for mesic pines, light blue for hydric pines, green for tall cypress, orange for the middle of cypress domes, red for dry season refugia and dark red for severe drought).  The lighter shaded band shows the historic range as calculated from 1993 to present.  The darker band within the lighter band shows the normal range with the white dotted line within that showing the long-term median water table level.  

How stuck?

The Preserve's water table is a foot below normal for this time of year.

Even worse than that it's off the chart!

(i.e. At a new record low for July.)

Jul 21, 2015

New drought of record?

Even during the drought year of 2011,

Marl prairies (see below) were flooded by now.

Flooded marl prairie as seen late July 2011

Not this year.

Even some deep domes still remain dry.

Jul 20, 2015

Tamiami Trail

Somewhere between Barnes Strand
and Oasis VC, looking North

Jul 1, 2015

June drought?

June has been south Florida's rainiest month since September,

But don't confuse that with a rainy month.

This chart shows South Florida Wide monthly rainfall (blue) compared to the historical normal range (dark gray), historical extremes (light gray) and long-term median (white line).

June registered at the low end of the normal range (6.1 inches).

That shifts more of the burden for rain to the later summer months.

BTW: East Caloosahatchee (8.9 inches) was the rainiest basin in June.

Jun 30, 2015

Summer fires?

It's prescribed burning season in the swamp,
but lightning-ignited fires can still occur in summer, too

Most recent is Hansen Fire near Raccoon Point

Jun 29, 2015

S-140 Pump Station

Just north of I-75 looking East
Tailwater side looking Southwest

L28 Borrow Canal

Upstream view of weir (Northwest)

Downstream view of weir (Southwest)

Jun 28, 2015

Line drawn in the water?

You've heard of a line drawn in the sand.

That's what the weir in the canal does below.

Just south of I-75 looking west
Now when the S-140 is pumping (north of the bridge),

Water south of the weir can hold its ground.

Sometimes a simple line of cement is all it takes.